i am but what you think of me

i am but what you think of me

and nothing more unthinkingly

an inkling and credulity

you know as well as i

that eyes befalling from outside

see everything we try to hide

like sharks trapped in formaldehyde

but all of its a sham

for i know not you, you not i

just brushstrokes in a painted sky

just a collection of notes in a book or melody

that form a song

and who knows what i sound like to you?


time for a blog name change!

***Welcome all to the Mists of Mania!*** After 2 years of being known as ‘the surrealist junky’ I felt it was time for a name change/blog rebrand. There were lots of reasons, but the main reason was quite simply that I got rather bored of it. Another reason – I’m just not quite so obsessed with the surrealists as I was when I first started the blog… we all have our ephemeral art obsessions / phases surely? And I also felt that ‘the surrealist junky’ felt overly heavy in some respects.. so anyway, there you have it! Expect more new posts in the coming weeks. Dec (nb: to mark the birth of the ‘mists of mania’ I included  Caspar David Friedrich’s iconic ‘wanderer in the sea of fog’, 1818, as the featured image)