“Behold, I am the prophet of the lightning!”

Benjamin West – Franklin drawing electricity from the sky (1816)

“I love all those who are like heavy drops falling singly from the dark cloud that hangs over mankind: they prophesy the coming of the lightning and as prophets they perish. Behold, I am the prophet of the lightning and a heavy drop from the cloud!”

– Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra


raptured conductor

beckons the glorious maelstrom

to o’erthrow the ages




6 thoughts on ““Behold, I am the prophet of the lightning!”

    1. Hey PPM! Yeah I somewhat agree, but then isn’t Nietzsche so much more enigmatic when you read him at his most metaphorcial? In broken fragments as if from, ironically enough, scripture? For me his philosophy is strongest when it’s most poetic and cryptic. I think art was so important to him because it provided the possibility of being interpreted by any and all with no solid right or wrong answer. There’s something in his interest with Buddhism too, and the purity of the child as seen in Zara’s prologue… those who are not so philosophically leaden are those who see the most clearly… maybe context can sometimes dilute the power of his philosophy…

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  1. Thanks for following both my blogs! Yours looks cool. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Read a couple translations of Zarathustra, but that was a looooong time ago. Might be worth rereading it at some point. Cheers!

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