“Give me madness, you heavenly powers!”

William Blake – Cain fleeing the wrath of God (1805)

“Ah, give me madness, you heavenly powers! Madness that I may at last believe in myself! Give deliriums and convulsions, sudden lights and darkness, terrify me with frost and fire such as no mortal has ever felt, with deafening din and prowling figures, make me howl and whine and crawl like a beast: so that I may only come to believe in myself!”

– Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak

3 thoughts on ““Give me madness, you heavenly powers!”

  1. These Nietzsche quotes you choose are really special. They resonate with me. I assume he’s an inspiration to you? Are you reading a specific work of his? Daybreak? Or do you jump around all of his writing?

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    1. Thanks man! Yeah I love Nietzsche and so I’ve read quite a lot of his stuff. He was so ahead of his time and on another level to any other philosopher I’ve read. A lot of these quotes come from the Nietzsche reader translated by R J Hollingdale (a great starting place for his work). But in terms of specific books I’d reccomend ecce homo, the gay science and human all too human if you like the sound of some of the ones I’ve mentioned!

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