a lovecraftian description of an alien

The creature that slid from the cockpit was at first glance some kind of giant cephalopod, a mass of writhing black tentacles stretching out from the protective shell of the ship. But as it made its way down the slope from the cockpit these many limbs converged and contorted, knotted together into the sophisticated muscles of some other, higher order of being which walked, or rather sauntered, on two legs. It walked fully upright now, and two arms soon too dangled by its side in some rough approximation of a human gait. But there was still some vague, lurking sense of the tentacular beast there, a kind of fuzzy, shifting sense of it, made more apparent through occasional sudden squirming movements on its muscled torso or the slightly hunched back. BY the time it reached the surface, many of the tentacle-muscles were now covered in tiny hardened plates which resembled something like scales. The final part of the creature to form was the head. The twisting arms curled and reformed in such rapid succession that the creature seemed to be shifting freely between species, until finally it produced some roughly skull-shaped obsidian mask, brought from the depths of the creature’s clambering innards. Around the mask loose tentacles drooped like the heraldic tufts of some great ceremonial headdress. The strange features were not nearly human, but nevertheless there was the vague sense of a grin on that face, like the grin of someone in the dark with only the slightest hint of light… 


2 thoughts on “a lovecraftian description of an alien

  1. I read with images in my mind like a movie or still pictures. I could see the entire thing fairly clear and really liked it. The Decider is a cool character and I enjoyed the fact that it was not human or perhaps like the accused, was a human before and evolved to something else. Is there more to this? What was decided? They where accused of what? I demand to know more! 😀 Really enjoyed it /thumbs up

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