Roger Dean’s surreal-fantasy album art

Roger Dean is an English artist, designer, architect and publisher who is best known for his album art designs for various English rock bands. His vibrant fantasy landscapes are often reminiscent of Rousseau and Ernst. Below I’ve collected some of what I believe to be his best work. Hope you like

cover from Yes’s album ‘Relayer’ (1974)


album cover for Yes’s ‘Yes Songs’
cover for Dave Greenslade’s ‘Cactus Choir’ (1976)
cover for Gentle Giant’s ‘Octopus’ (1972)
cover for Yes’s ‘tales from topographic oceans’ (1973)
cover for Osibisa’s ‘Osibisa’ (1971). This one recalls Dali… Surrealists sure love their elephants
Walking Circles, Midnight Sun (1972)
cover for Midnight Sun’s ‘Walking Circles’ (1972)
Squawk, Budgie (1972)
cover for Budgie’s ‘squawk’ (1972). I think this is my favourite of Dean’s work, simplistic but powerful. (Though it’s probably because the aviation/avian mergence seems distinctly Ballardian 😀 )
cover for Gun’s ‘Gun’ (1968). His first ever cover and one of the best
cover for London Philharmonic Orchestra titled ‘Symphonic muse of yes’ (1993). I love the psychedelic colours in this one.
cover for Paladin’s ‘Charge’ (1972). Another favourite, loving the SF vibes in this one.



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